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May 2013 archive

Day 16

The National Museum of ScotlandThe National Museum of Scotland from the fifth floor.  I went to the museum at 10:00am on a weekday and the place was dead.  It was perfect for taking photos without tons of people getting in your way.

Day 15

Details on a gravestone in the Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery in Edinburgh, ScotlandSome details of a tombstone in Edinburgh’s Greyfriars Kirkkyard. You’ll find hellish images of cherubs and skulls on many of the tombstones. The graveyard is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world Though I didn’t see any ghosts on this visit, but I will be back.



Day 14

Street performer putting on his makeeup to look like Charlie Chaplin in Edinburgh Scotland

 Summer is here in Edinburgh(sort of) and the street performers are coming out.  A Charlie Chaplin look a like is putting his face on before he starts performing on the Royal Mile, while chatting with a fellow performer.